The Shard 2-pinnacle

The pinnacle of The Shard © The View from The Shard

The View from The Shard near London Bridge offers a 360-degree panorama of the city from just below the summit of the tallest building in Western Europe. Rienzo Piano’s skyscraper, owing its inspiration not just to shards of glass but also the old crane derricks which used to line the nearby Pool of London, is a breathtaking sight. But, as my post here says, the entrance fee is pretty breathtaking as well. I’m biased and am a fan; then again, I didn’t have to pay. Londoners like to say ‘yer pays yer money and makes yer choice’, but this is probably a case of doing the reverse. I hope my post helps you decide. CHAMPAGNE ET FROMAGE We had a great time recently at a wonderful shop-cum-bistro in London’s Covent Garden which, unsurprisingly given its name, specialises in combining champagne with a vast array of French cheeses in different tasting combinations. Champagne et Fromage sources its wines from five independent growers and there are tasting evenings you can attend to try some of them out.

Fun at Champagne et Fromage,Covent Garden.

Fun at Champagne et Fromage,Covent Garden.

As you can see from our visit there, a good time was had by all and you can read more about Champagne et Fromage here in the Food and Drink section.

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